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About We sell scarves & wraps for women, offer FREE Style Tips, Coaching, and an online community called Women of Style and Glory.
Description We are a Celebration of Feminine Radiance!

At, we are all about style and women's empowerment, and believe that they go hand in hand. Whether a woman's style is high fashion and minutely put together or open, free-wheeling and down to earth, or anything else, it will both affect and reflect how she feels about herself.


To help women worldwide to develop their unique, intentional style that best reflects their authentic personality, and to build healthy self confidence, break free of self-imposed and other limits, and come into their full power, causing their full, true, unique worth soar and their radiant glory shine - and receive the honor and respect they deserve.


We are a unique concept in e-commerce. Yes, we offer a broad array of beautiful scarves in all colors and styles. ALSO, we go much further. We provide free style advice through our free Weekly Style Tips, and also offer individual and small group style coaching with our Certified Style Coach, Pat LaCroix.

We also provide Women's Empowerment Coaching with 3 additional coaches. Our founder, Dr. Priscilla Wainwright provides life, career and relationship coaching, Ellin Dize offers life coaching and spiritual direction, and Gerri Diamond, CFP, coaches women on money issues and is qualified to provide financial planning.

In addition, you are welcome to join our online community, Women of Style and Glory. In addition to Members Only Sales on our site, members receive weekly empowerment tips, our monthly Women of Style and Glory Newsletter, empowerment-related articles on the site, and special access to live webinars and other events and training created or sponsored by Scarves Style and Glory, as well a Community Forum where members can gain and give support, get questions answered and make wonderful new friendships with other like-minded women.

So, scarves are just the beginning. Our tag line says it all:

Come for the scarves, stay for a stylish and glorious new YOU!
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