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About Little Beauties and Beasts in Training to learn the importance of charity and more importantly to save fur babies!
Description 2013 will bring much positive change and adding our Lil BITs is just one of them. After much thought, I have decided not to have an age limit on our Lil BITs.

It is so very important for us to teach our children not only the significance of participating in "charity" but more importantly to me, to teach them and guide them through their role and duty in life to care for all God's creatures.

They need to understand, their pets, as friends and members of their family, depend on us for lifelong care. Everything -- nourishment, medical attention, exercise and safety.

Teaching our Lil BITs to give pets the best care possible, from choosing a collar and ID tag, to exercising their dog or cat, seeking care for their pet while traveling, to keeping him safe at home during the cold winter months or hot summer days.

Showing our children the importance of their pet’s health, including vaccinations, the importance of spaying/neutering and what to do if their pet shows signs of illness. They need to know they should come to their parents if they seen signs of neglect or cruelty of any fur baby.

It is my prayer that we start a new generation of children that are taught the importance of loving and honoring our precious gifts from our Creator.

May you enjoy every moment at our events that you share with your children as Lil BITs!
Mission Our Mission is simple, saving fur babies!
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