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About This page is dedicated for all Lauren's prayer warriors to receive updates on Lauren as she goes through this journey again. LOVE FOR LAUREN!
Description Lauren is 33 years old, a mommy, sister, daughter, and friend to so many. She has a beautiful five year old little girl, and gave birth to a healthy baby boy in May of 2011. Shortly after giving birth, she started having stomach problems and was hospitalized twice. On Friday August 26th, 2011 her doctors performed surgery to find out what is actually wrong. They removed a large grapefruit sized tumor, her left ovary, and part of her small intestine. Lauren was been diagnosed with extraskeletal Ewing's Sarcoma. This is a very rare, very aggressive cancer and can spread very quickly. She underwent one year of chemotherapy as the primary treatment, and had had clear scans up until recently. She has found out via a MRI done on December 11th that there is a tumor in her pelvis near her colon. It measured it to be 1.7 cm, which s drastically smaller than when they found her first tumor (~9 cm dia). She will have surgery on January 6th, and after surgery will meet with her oncologist to find out the treatment plan.

It's been such a long, tough year for Lauren and this was not the news she needed to hear on Friday the 13th (December). Kate, Chace and Lauren have been living at her parents during their transition this year. They will remain with them so that her mom and aunt can help take care of her and the kids.

Please pray without ceasing to the ultimate physician, ask that he heal Lauren's body, she is a constant inspiration to those her know and love her!
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