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Description COFTA Mouldings Corporation started way back 1988, being the first in the Philippines to manufacture monobloc plastic chairs in the country. Its philosophy is to produce high quality plastic products at reasonable price.

Today, with its vast range of durable, highly affordable and masterfully crafted plastic chairs, benches, cabinets, tables and other furnitures, Cofta has become the leading plastic furniture brand of choice in institutions all over the country. In addition, the company also pioneered the manufacture of plastic pallets, which are known in the industry in terms of product quality. Other products of the company include PVC sheets and doors (Versaboard), PC sheets (Xanlite), PP hollow sheets (Excel), and others.

Beyond monobloc chairs, Cofta has become a continuing tradition of excellence, a stamp of superior quality in moulded plastic products.


To become a high quality producer of plastic and durable monobloc products at a competitive price in the regional and international market.

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COFTA Mouldings Corporation
No. 3 LBICA, Lawang Bato
Valenzuela City, Philippines
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