Oriental Garden Supply LLC

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About We offer an extensive selection of Japanese maples, dwarf conifers, bamboos, and more with unusual cultivars. Wholesale, retail, and mail order.
Description Oriental Garden Supply LLC is a premier wholesale/retail nursery with over 8 acres of highest quality trees and other plant material. We grow over 25,000 plants, primarily in containers, from rooted cuttings to landscape specimens. Whether you are looking for just a little something out of the ordinary or something extraordinary for your own garden or your landscaping project, we can supply unusual plant material that we consider highly desirable because of aesthetic appeal, hardiness, low maintenance, flowering, or other
characteristics. We also offer an eclectic assortment of authentic materials such as bamboo fencing, and granite and basalt garden accessories to help you ensure success in your garden and landscape designs.
Phone (585) 586-3850
Web site www.orientalgardensupply.com

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