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About Tarot deck inspired by the Victorian art of floriography, the language of flowers. Posts by Ana, artist and creator.

Description The figures in these images are representations of the characters and symbolism from the standard 78-card Rider Waite Tarot deck. I chose to replace the heads of the characters with intuitively chosen and symbolically relevant herbs, plants, flowers, and trees—living, breathing, and expanding entities. In doing so, I suggest that heads not only present one’s physical likeness, but they also possess a great deal of information about one’s character, personality, and strengths. By replacing heads with other forms, an almost-religious distance is created between the viewer and the characters in the artwork, creating a sense of mystery and reverence towards the figure. Like saints, gods, icons, and deities, the characters’ identities have deconstructed over time to consist of mostly symbolism and imagery instead of an exact set of physical characteristics. The Minor Arcana consists of four suits: pentacles (sunflowers), swords (birds of paradise flowers), wands (tree trunks), and cups (tulips).
Overview Floriography Tarot encompasses a variety of Tarot decks and artwork created by Boston-based artist, Ana Haydeé Linares. As part of a two year long project, Floriography Tarot has evolved into a full line of unique and thought-provoking Tarot decks ranging from the full standard 78-card deck to Majors or Minors only decks containing 22 and 56 cards, respectively. The images for this project were appropriated from: family photographs from Cuba and Spain from 1890-1980, a 1913 issue of National Geographic, a 1974 bellyancing newspaper, as well as Victorian-era and Art Nouveau inspired textures and designs.
Web site http://www.floriographytarot.com/

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