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About Next course: “Discovering the Life-Changing Power of Self-Esteem”
Sat. 15 Aug. & Sun. 16 Aug.: 9 - 6
Columbus Hotel, Monaco
Description Create the Spark! courses are indeed for you if would like to :
Get more of what you want out of life
Learn how to create plans and strategies which you can stick to
Create the career you want, without being chased by fear of failure
Learn how to live more often in response instead of in reaction
Create the kinds of healthy relationships you seek
Learn how true, long-lasting self-esteem is created
Teach your children how to have great self-esteem
Finally give yourself permission to be YOU, in your entire splendor!
They are geared to men and women of all ages and backgrounds, take place in English and are a great way to kick start professional and personal improvements in your life.
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