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About Type A Machines is the manufacturer of scalable 3D printer production systems based on the Series 1 Pro 3D printer and Print Pod.
Description Forged in the fires of San Francisco's Noisebridge and TechShop, a team of dedicated hackers set out on an epic journey to bring reliable, high quality 3D printers to everyone.

Type A Machines, founded in 2012 by CTO Andrew Rutter designs and manufactures the industry leading Series 1 3D Printer.
Mission At Type A Machines, we believe in building great ideas. We have the ability to give creators the tools to make their artistic dreams a reality. With passions for both engineering and design, we strive to inspire and influence within and beyond the framework of the maker community.

Our philosophy is that an innovative, accessible, and inclusive environment allows greatness to thrive. The iterations of our 3D printers demonstrate our relentless drive for quality, and we encourage you to join us on this journey.

What will you achieve?
Overview Type A Machines designs and manufactures 3D printers and printing systems for manufacturing.

With a disruptively low cost of entry, Type A Machines' Print Pod is the foundation for a hardware production system scalable by software.

Type A Machines brings the future of manufacturing to the factories of today.
Phone (415) 366-5828
Web site http://www.typeamachines.com

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