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About A collection of ten incredible, must-have products from the UK
The products offer affordable luxury. The results are incredible.
Suitable for every hair type.
Description An exclusive professional only UK hair company.
Now launched in the USA
Where only good professional salons are stocked.
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Mission Top 5 reasons why you should choose to partner with Neal & Wolf:
1. IT'S VALUE FOR YOUR VALUED CUSTOMERS By accessibly pricing our range, we're encouraging purchase frequency.

2. IT'S THE BEST OF THE BEST With just ten products available, there's no need for you to commit to a huge range with filler products.

3. IT'LL MAKE YOU MONEY With the best-in-industry margins, it ensures strong returns for your salon.

4. IT'S ONLY FOR YOU, AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY IN SALONS you'll never see Neal & Wolf products on the supermarket shelves.

5. IT'S WHAT PEOPLE WANT We've designed our products to appeal to a broad spectrum of female consumers.

The market is ready for Neal & Wolf right now.
So if you're ready to stock our incredible range of products in your salon, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Phone 857-205-1582
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