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Description Poetry is my calling. Being an artist is my identity.

I've published four books of poetry, and recorded an album.

I am a poet influenced primarily by my love of music, history, genealogy, and spirituality. Themes of minimalism, pacifism, equality, love, pain, friendship, wandering, hippies, and Judaism run through my work. As I grow as a person, my poetry changes. I find it difficult to classify, and that is why it is poetry from the soul because the soul is pure and unclassifable. I am in essence a walking contradiction and I love breaking stereotypes. I’m a German born, Southern raised, Oklahoma schooled, California dreamer, lefty hippie, Jewish seeker. I try to honor the 11 year old kid who wanted to be a poet by publishing my oldest poems in the middle of books of new ones. The majority of my poems start out autobiographical but they aren’t necessarily “reality” as it happened. My most profound artistic influences are not poets but musicians: Dan Nichols, Ringo Starr, Weird Al, and Kevin Barnes.
I don’t do this for the potential of money, but for how it feeds my soul and keeps me going.
I don’t perform them as often as I would like, but you can find me at Poetry by the Bay in Vallejo.
- See more at: http://poetryebook.com/about-the-poet/#sthash.e0g3UbYT.dpuf
Web site http://www.poetryebook.com

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