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Description Stilettoe Productions was founded in 2002 and is a full service event planning agency that specializes in event marketing, promotions, planning, and production for private and corporate customers. Stilettoe is built on strong Ethics, Trust, Integrity, Dependability and Loyalty with a highly reputable management team as the backbone.

With your vision and our impeccable ability to serve you, we can put in motion an imaginative event that will make memories that last forever. From signature cocktails and fabulous décor to clever ideas and personal touches that will have our clients and guests “OOHING” and “AAHING”. What sets Stilettoe Productions Inc. apart are our hands on approach to event design, details, ambiance as well as our Knack for pulling it to create an elegant, cohesive event. Create, Innovate and Execute, This is what makes Stilettoe Productions.

To our credit, we’ve created and executed wildly successful special events and promotional fundraising campaigns. A small female minority owned special events & concert promotional company with a charitable and fortune 500 appeal. We have carved my unique niche in promotion, marketing and utilizing the best. We’re a most intriguing force presents an undeniable range of creativity and an undisputed string of successful events.

Because there’s an undisputed, powerful reputation that we put on the line in everything we do. Everything connected to this dynamic team must be first class, must be the top of line and must be simply…. the best. Leadership abilities that could rival the president of any corporation. Passion that stacks up with the fiercest competitor.

Zest and Zeal, with it, brings dependability, loyalty and honest back to a business that once thrived and upheld those rare, now notoriously absent elements. We dare to challenge the industry to abort the so-called “Throat-Cutting” tactics in an effort to restore the authenticity of the business. We’re dedicated, committed, to developing, possessing, and executing the highest degree of business savvy and knowledge. Which’s also generally and perhaps more commonly referred to as being the best.

We want to hear your ideas, dream your dreams and make your event the most talked about must attend event of its kind. Our goal is to make the planning process, smooth, seamless and most of all, FUN!!!!!! We would love to be involved from the beginning to take your vision from a dream to a reality. If you don’t have a vision at all, we’re ready to help you create one.

Leave the logistics to us! From sophisticated, red-carpet, black-Tie, Charitable, Corporate to elegant, grandiose events expect nothing less than Fabulous! Our events are Flawless, Our events are timeless and our service is matchless. Stilettoe will make the event MAHHVELOUS DAHHLING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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