Healing Chats with Pets

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About I am an animal communicator and Reiki Master. I tap in with your pets energy and share information with them and with you. Let me show you how!
Description All of us communicate with our beloved animal companions, yet sometimes more information is required. I listen and ask permission of your pet to speak with them. Often they will provide helpful information about what they are feeling.
The everyday chaos of our lives has an impact on all of the family members whether 2 legged or 4 legged or winged or scaled. Reiki and animal communication is particularly important for service animals of all kinds. I look forward to the day when police service dogs and military animals receive regular Reiki sessions in the same way we often crave a lovely massage. I am blessed to be a medium and love sharing messages with family members who have lost a pet. These messages can be so helpful for those grieving.

Animal communication, readings and Reiki are never a substitute for competent veterinary care. This alternative healing/energetic modality provides relaxation, support
information that is a useful tool in concert with good care from a trust vet.

Reiki for pets- $45

Reading for pets-$55

Combined Reiki and Reading - $88.00

Mention this facebook page and receive $5.00 off any service. Refer a friend for an appointment and your next appt. is $5.00 off.
Phone (702) 267-8067
Web site http://www.renewalofspirit.com

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