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About The CIVIS Media Prize awards TV, Radio and Online contributions on the topic of integration and cultural diversity in Europe
Description CIVIS is the European Media Prize for Integration and Cultural Diversity.
Media Makers from the EU and Switzerland have the annual chance to win this noted prize on 3 different platforms: Television, Radio and Online.
There are different categories for each platform. Additionally there is a Prize for young film makers: Young CIVIS Media Prize.
We are looking for programmes which promote the peaceful co-existence of people from the most diverse geographical and cultural background. Send us your best sport programmes focusing on the themes Football and integration.
Anybody from the EU and Switzerland can participate. The Competition starts December 6th, 2015. Save the date and send in your entries! (DE / EN) (DE / EN) (EN) (DE)

CIVIS Media Prize 2016:
May 12, 2016 in Berlin
Mission The CIVIS Media Foundation aims to raise the awareness of journalists and media producers in Germany and Europe of the themes of migration, integration and cultural diversity and to promote the innovative and professional approach to developments within the European immigration society. The organization contributes to intercultural understanding and to European integration through the activities of the electronic media.
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