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About LEC是日本著名家庭用品品牌,『激落君』系列是一組清潔力強的環保海棉,無需使用清潔劑,只需加水弄濕,便能達到除污的效果。加入此組群將有機會得到,最新、最快、最優惠的資訊。
Mission 以『環保』為主題~
Overview LEC是日本著名家庭用品品牌,此品牌於日本已經超過四十年歷史,於香港亦超過三十年。LEC主要產品有:1. 清潔用品系列 2. 浴室用品系列3. 洗衣用品系列4. 掛牆用品系列 5. 清潔紙巾系列。當中以『激落君』系列的清潔用品最為突出,除了因為它是100%日本製造外,還因為它的清潔效果顯著。無需使用清潔劑,適量加水弄濕,便能達到除污的效果,是一隻清潔力強的環保海棉。

LEC is a Japanese well-known household goods brand name. LEC was found in Japan 40 years ago while in Hong Kong more than 30 years ago. The main LEC products can be categorized into 1. Cleaner 2. Bath 3. Laundry 4. Hook & Interior 5. Cleaning Wipe Paper. The “激落ち” series is 100% made in Japan and the “激落ち” cleaning outcome is the most outstanding among the Cleaner products. So “激落ち” series sold well in the last 30 years. “激落ち” series is an environmental friendly sponge with strong cleaning power. It can reach amazing cleaning outcome by soaking the polishing sponge with the right amount of water ONLY. (do NOT require ANY detergent)
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