Model Status Entertainment [MSE]

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Description ● Model Status Entertainment [MSE]●

▪ MSE is an organization formed by seven well-groomed females who altogether have a vision to aspire in the entertainment world. With our looks, brains, personalities, energy and dedication we plan to uphold the standard of entertainment.

We Do:
▪ Event Endorsements (Street promotions, Promotions via social media, Ticket Sales, Advertise with shirts, shorts ect.)
▪ Event Planning
▪ Bartending At Your Event (parties)
▪ Bookings
▪ Graphic Designing

▪ Our sole aim is to to be known as one of the best female event promotion groups and also one of the best event hosts. We plan to obtain this by securing the trust of our patrons/crowd.

▪ Roselyn Henry - President

▪ Yanique Bogle - Vice President

▪ Vanessa Hodling - Public Relations Officer

▪ Antonia Chin - Public Relations Officer

▪ Sho-Ann Waul - Promotions Manager| Seceretary

▪ Sandinka Reid - Marketing Manager

▪ Shantell Shaw - Financial Manager

▪ Shantel Williams - Event Planner

▪ Justine Bent - Promoter

♥ MSE- "Prima Donnas en Vogue" ♥

Phone 1876-385-5102

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