Rotary Club of RiverCity Marikina, District 3800

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About RiverCity meets every Thursday, 8.30PM, kainan sa bahay-bahayan,Antipolo, RizalPhilippines
Description The Rotary Club of RiverCity Marikina was established on Sept.08, 2004 with Charter President Art Arrojado at the helm under the guidance and mentorship of Past President (now Incoming District Governor for Rotary Year 2012-2013) Lirio Sandoval of the Rotary Club of Marikina Central. (IDG Sandoval is now with the Rotary Club of Marikina South.)

RiverCity -- under Club number 66415 of the Rotary International District 3800 with current President Peter Paul Belmonte, now at the driver's seat from a very successful and outstanding year of stewardship of Immediate Past President Luciano "Naning" Vivas in 2010 -- is clustered under Zone4-A of the 13-club member Marikina Zone belonging to the more than 85-strong member-clubs of District 3800 under Governor Rafael "Raffy" Garcia.

RiverCity is presently supporting a year-long Medical & Dental program for the indigent-parishioners of a local church; 2 Rotary Community Corps; a Rotaract and an InterAct club; and, has adopted a pre-school and two orphanages for girls. RiverCity was among the first to be in the forefront of relief operations during the term of Past President Leonard "Len" Dante Clarino when the disastrous floods of 'Typhoon Ondoy' hit the Philippines on Sept-26-2009.

Other Past Presidents of the club from its Charter Year were the following: Bojo Mijares, 2005; Robert Gotauco, 2006; Anthony Sy, 2007; Dennis Orlina, 2008; and, Clarino, 2009.

The family of Rotary extends beyond individual Rotarians and Rotary clubs to include other service-minded people who help with the organization's work. Groups such as Rotaract, Interact, and Rotary Community Corps serve side by side with sponsor clubs, using their diverse skills to improve the quality of life in their communities. Below are some of the latest statistics available, as of 30 September. (*as of 30 June):

Members: 1,234,527*
Clubs: 33,790*
Districts: 531

Members: 180,274
Clubs: 7,838

Members: 281,152
Clubs: 12,224

Rotary Community Corps
Members: 156,055
Corps: 6,785
Overview Sometime in 2002, eight active members of the Rotary Club of Marikina East, including three past presidents, due to factionalism within the ranks resigned with the intent of forming a new club... an intent they raised before the sitting governor who gave them the useful pointers and encouragements.

Within a few weeks, the group coalesced into fifteen committed prospective Rotarians who meet regularly like a regular club and continued to grow in number reaching twenty seven in less than five months. However, for reasons of his own, the Governor deferred action on their repeated request for formal official recognition.

Discouraged and on the verge of disbandment, the group sought advice and help from various ranking personalities within the district and were later joined by other supporters who provided guidance and encouragement. Finally, then in-coming Governor Enriquez took the liberty of giving the club of its probationary status.

Then, things moved faster until the club's formal induction happened on September 8, 2004 with twenty seven charter members by the sitting Governor, PDG Fabio Enriquez. In retrospect, it can be claimed that RC River City is the only club in District 3800 that was granted recognition only after more than two years.
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