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About Back to Front promotes growing fruit and vegetables in front gardens
Description In a nutshell Back to Front encourages people to have front gardens that look good, taste better and get the street talking to each other. From January onwards Space2 have been out on the streets promoting the project in Richmond Hill, Harehills and Burmantofts

Growing up front is great because;
1) It's a good way to meet and talk to people
2) It's a great way of picking your produce quickly on the way into the house
3) It's easy to keep an eye on what's going on in the garden
4) It’s on your doorstep
5) It has a positive influence on the street and how it looks
6) It's a good way of changing paved space into more green and productive space

For more information - check out the website on
Mission Back to Front promotes the transformation of front gardens so they are full and bursting with food to eat, admire and talk about
Phone 0113 320 0159 (ext: 5)
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