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About How does one learn the English Language in an effective manner? It is through the study of grammar, syntax, analysis, parsing and sentence structure. Mastery of all these enables one to have a solid grasp of the English Language, written and spoken.
Description My method of teaching/training English combines the Structural Approach with Traditional Grammar learning. The Structural Approach stresses on structure of sentences as they are widely spoken in the English language. The approach aims to instil good spoken and written habits into learners of the English language at the outset.

Traditional Grammar learning is emphasised in my trainings for its efficacy in producing learners who speak and write grammatically correct English. It shows the learner the difference between the parts of speech when they are used in sentences. The same word may play different roles in two different sentences containing that word. In the hands of the adept, grammar learning can be interesting and easy to understand and use.

Besides knowledge of the above, I employ educational psychology in my trainings. Lessons are presented based on inductive or deductive methods of teaching as and when they serve their purposes effectively. The three aspects of consciousness are constantly borne in mind by me to produce an effective training session. All the above will serve to train the thinking skills of the participant to a greater degree.
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