The Indo-American Aquaponics Initiative (IAAI)

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About Indo-American Aquaponics Initiative (IAAI)
Description IAAI seeks to establish and promote Aquaponics as (a) a paradigm shift in the way fish and vegetables are tradi-tionally grown, transported to the markets and points of purchase, and consumed; (b) an eco-friendly, efficient and effective alternative to the traditional methods, which are viewed as neither safe nor economically/environmentally sustainable, due to excessive use of chemicals and depletion of natural resources, such as land and water.
Mission IAAI aims to make Aquaponics one of the fastest growing economic activities in India within a decade, by (a) con-ducting awareness programs on Aquaponics; (b) building an international coalition of professionals, students and organizations who can act locally but think globally; (c) design, localize and build models of aquaponic systems for urban and rural environments; (d) impact on state and national government policies for promoting the growth of the Aquaponics industry; and (e) promote Aquaponics in the South Asian and Southeast Asian context, then globally.
Overview The Indo-American Aquaponics Initiative (IAAI) represents a global coalition of development professionals and experts in their own fields of work, led on the Indian side by Dr. Subhrankar Mukherjee (Secretary, ARTS) and on the American side by Mr. James Godsil (co-founder SWO & Sweet Water Foundation).
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