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About Revaluation is run by a highly-professional management team with a huge experience in the business and tourism sector. The staff list comprises of all the top-level Tele-sales executives and direct sales persons of the country.
Description Revaluation Bangladesh Ltd. (RBL) is an event, tourism and service based organization. It is involved in mitigating entertainment / lifestyle needs through activation, processing, decorating and marketing of events, contracts, corporate activities, designing, entertainment and tourism related services. Revaluation Bangladesh Ltd. (RBL) is in partnership with Revaluation Bangladesh and Transmission UK. The enterprise is managed by a team of experienced and highly skilled professionals in event / entertainment / tourism and senior experts in innovative product/service development.
Mission To create a strong bonding between Bangladeshi companies who work with the national tourism and Bangladeshi companies specializing in world-class national products and services.
Overview To promote the national tourism and the quality national products and service of Bangladesh to the whole world in order to attract unparalleled amount of foreign revenues and to also make sure that the economy of the country improves with the help of tourism and service
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