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About Camp Diva, a fun and educational non-profit program that empowers teen girls 11-17 to prepare themselves in every way for their passage into womanhood.
Description We provide teen girls with the knowledge they need while they become believers in their own potential and grow into productive women with something valuable to contribute to the world. Girls of all ethnic backgrounds can benefit from our programs.

Camp Diva's Top SEVEN Focus Areas:
1. Character Development and Relationship Building
2. Cultural Enrichment and Traditions
3. Practical Life Skills & Social Skills
4. Career Enrichment & Leadership Development
5. Social Change and Community Service
6. Health, Fitness, and Nutrition
7. H.I.V., S.T.D., and Unplanned Pregnancy Prevention
Mission To provide opportunities for teen girls to prepare themselves spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and culturally, for their passage into womanhood.
Overview On October 15, 1998 the sun rose with brightness and new beginnings of a little sunshine named Diva Mstadi Smith-Roane. On January 25, 2004 cloudiness and darkness overwhelmed us and carried our little sunshine away. A firearm tragically took Diva's life. Diva was five years old when she was killed. Diva lived to her name, which means "divine goddess"; she was active, loving, and a joy to be around.

Camp Diva was developed in the summer of 2004 to allow her spirit to live through us. Through the use of after-school programs and summer retreats, the camp is to implement prevention strategies and provide resources and tools for teen girls on their precarious journey to womanhood.
Phone (866) 738-4422
Web site!/WeAreCampDiva

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