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About Specializing in custom art from the heart. Handmade Happines - Pet Portraits - Home Decor
Description Dogs, cats, horses, goats, bunnies and chickens were my friends as a child and I’ve always loved creatures which you can see in my work. An outdoor enthusiast, I’ve always got a camera ready to snap the photo of my next subject.
For me, nothing resonates like color, especially exaggerated color that pushes the edge of the visual spectrum. I often start a project with a meticulous sketch which acts as a launching pad for a burst of creativity. When painting, it’s that energy radiating within a subject that brings clarity to my work, allowing me to produce art with exacting detail one moment and artistic whimsy the next. I can be obsessed with detail, but this will always play second fiddle to my desire to capture light, motion, and personality while creating artwork that outshines the original photo reference.

Unconstrained by style or subject matter, I have produced art for all sorts of clients, whether they’re looking to enhance their living spaces, pay tribute to a loved one, or simply capture a moment in time. Occasionally my work will showcase my love and appreciation for graphic imagery but an underlying theme in my work is that not only reflects a joy for living, but it also tugs at the heart.

I have been drawing since I could first hold a pencil and painting since I was a teenager. Over the years, I have immersed myself in other careers, primarily managing a creative team at a large media company. Although that career path took me away from the hands-on creation of art, the experience left me an expert visual storyteller. Working primarily in commissions, helping clients realize their ideas in art or bringing a memory to life on canvas is my forte.
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