Insiders' Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess

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About Part how-to guide, part travelogue, The Insiders' Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess: Confessions from My Years Afloat with the Rich & Famous outlines the step-by-step process to getting a job on a luxury yacht, and reveals what the life is REALLY like.
Description Since 2006, Julie Perry's "The Insiders' Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess: Confessions from My Years Afloat with the Rich and Famous" has been a must-read guide for hopeful, young travelers and those intrigued by a career path in the megayacht industry. Hundreds of yacht crew in the industry today have used Julie's book to get started—and succeed—working aboard large yachts.

Entertaining and educational, this book not only covers who owns luxury yachts, where they travel, and what taking care of their eccentric owners is like, but it describes the awe-inspiring benefits of the job, the skills required, and a clear-cut roadmap for how others can travel the world with a yacht-crew family too.

Packed with anecdotal stories from her time on the high seas catering to some of the most demanding guests in the world, Julie Perry’s account of life "below deck" on a megayacht is informative and humorous. Entry-level, and even existing crew -- from Junior Stews on up to Captains -- will find value in Julie's career advice. Those just curious about this industry will take pleasure in her animated portrayal of life as a "yachtie."

So if the terrific pay and benefits that come from accompanying celebrities and dignitaries on their private journeys around the world appeals to you, consider Julie Perry your new career coach. Let her guide you to the sea of opportunity that awaits young travelers in one of the world’s most adventurous and mind-boggling industries: LUXURY YACHTING.

From the pay to the people and back to the travel, this Insiders’ Guide also covers all the perks that make luxury yachting such a dynamic and incredible career path... no matter what your background!

"Trust me, if a non-bed-making, non-laundry-doing, hardly-ever-cleaned-her-room-during-adolescence, scatterbrain from landlocked Indiana can do it, anyone can!"
~ Julie Perry, Author
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