Himalayan Aura Salt

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About 100% Pure & Natural
Bring Positive Energy
Energetic & Refreshed
Strengthen Immune system
Description Buy Himalayan salt with aura for bath and soak.
Bath Salt packed in 500g.
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Regular practice bath with Himalayan salts, 3-4 times in a week will help to improve aura and blood circulation, strengthen immune system, improve any skin allergies, generate process of detoxification and absorb negative energy from our body.

We supply Himalayan 100% natural and healthy cooking salt also, packed in 500g. Many benefits found in Himalayan cooking salts. Contains essential minerals and 100% organic. No chemicals or anti-cake agents added. Cooked dishes taste better than normal table salt.

Mission Supply Himalayan pink bath salt, Himalayan fine cooking salt.

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Web site http://himalayansaltsingapore.blogspot.sg/

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