Justice for Waheeda Darya Khan

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About Waheeda Palwasha Khan, Daughter of Darya Khan Bangash and the daughter-in-law of Inspector General of Islamabad (IGP) Bani Amin was found dead mysteriously at her brothers house located in Town area of Peshawar, on Sunday 19th May 2013.
Description According to the details, deceased Waheeda, wife of Ali Amin and mother of two children was found dead mysteriously at her brothers house located in Town area of Peshawar while the Mother Mrs Zahida and sister Farida of the deceased alleged that she was poisoned by her own brother Khalid and his second wife in Peshawar.

The father of the deceased and her husband IGP’s son Ali Amin and the IGP himself are trying to hold the truth from the media and covering up the accused in the name of honor and saving their reputation.

It has been a week since her death but nothing has been done so far… the Town Police of Peshawar is trying its best to save the accused by adopting its traditional tactics of delaying in FIR registration of the case due to the pressure from Islamabad Police. The grave of the deceased is being guarded by 3 police men all the time…why???

The media has been put to sleep… no channel is willing to cover this story because of the involvement of these influential people ,,IG islamabad n his son

The sister and mother of Waheeda have been begging the police to file an FIR but to no avail. They are not even sure if her body parts have been sent for forensic check and want an immediate action so that the truth be revealed and the murderers be taken to task.

The mother and the sister with her 2 children are being threatened for taking a stand for their beloved daughterwho was killed brutally... They still have got no security arrangements yet they are standing in face of these criminals like a rock...

This page is for the family and friends whose lives Waheeda touched in the most wonderful ways and for all those who believe in justice…

Please join us in the cause to build up some pressure at least on the concerned departments and help get Waheeda justice.

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