JD's From Hell Hot Sauce

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About Please contact fromhellhotsauces@hotmail.com for ordering info and which hot sauces are available.
Description Peppers are aged for 8 to 12 Mo. before they are blended into the sauce. This gives the sauce a smooth consistency and an unmistakable flavor.

JD's From Hell Honey Hot Jerk Sauce is a traditional Jamaican recipe that I have modified to make it one of a kind and comes in different heat intensities. JD's From Hell Honey Hot Calypso Sauce was a traditional recipe with origins in Trinidad that I modified as well for a one of a kind taste. It also comes different heat intensities. JD's From Hell Honey Hot Wing Sauce is just that....HOT with a blend of hot peppers and honey to turn any wing ding party into a WING BASH!!
Mission My sauces are made for people who enjoy the flavor of hot peppers, and not for the faint of heart. They are hot and all natural, but this is not a contest to see who can make the hottest sauce. The real challange is to make a flavorful sauce that will have peppers in it that will compliment eachother and give your favorite foods the kick and extra taste you deserve.

The only way to make somthing worth while and unique is to do it by hand. I start in January from seed. Once my pepper seedlings sprout. they are planted in special soil and placed under 10,000k super daylight lamps. I water and monitor they're growth. At the beginning of May I bring them out in the day and in at night to harden them up and get them ready for planting day. Planting day is usually May 20th. I have an irrigation system set up that waters and fertilizes them at the base by soaking the soil which is covered by a weed barrier.

In mid to late september it is time to harvest!
Its alot of work but the reward is a product that is unique and a customer that is very happy with it. My greatest compliments are always " your sauce has a great flavor"
and "I've never had sauce like this".

Overview Land and Sea Enterprises, LLC. was formed between myself and business partner and friend Ed Yuhas in July of 2002.

I formulated and developed all the sauces, I designed the labels as well as the marketing printed on them.

JD's From Hell Hot Sauces and Marinades are all natural and are made by hand not processed by machine.

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