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Description "Noor TV Channel (819) is a UK based Satellite Television Channel that is broadcasting throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East, USA, Asia and many parts of the world via Euro Bird and Eutelsat Satellites.

Noor TV’s main goal is to promote education with very positive and constructive manner. We believe we have so far succeeded in this vision as Noor TV has become a globally recognised channel with a very large viewership.

Noor TV provides quality television programmes for the people world wide , The programmes are all inclusive, catering for all ages, especially young people who have been born in EU, Noor TV is focused on providing the viewers a quality line up of programmes, which will provide education, lifestyle, family entertainment, Drama, tele films, travel shows, historical documentaries, sufi wisdom, kids programmes, Live prayers from Medina, community updates, legal talk, legacies of Islam and much much more. Our programmes cover all areas, and each programme has an Islamic impact,

Noor TV is the first channel in Europe to present high quality historical films & documentaries that focuses on the roots of our Islamic heritage and how the Islamic civilization prospered and grew in all the different Islamic countries around the world. These historical documentaries will enable the younger generation to understand the history of their forefathers so they can truly appreciate the gift of being a Muslim.
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