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Description IV PL@Y Store

Caudan, Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis-211 9700

Grand Bay, Ground floor, Super U Grand Bay-269 0477
Richeterre , Ground floor,Jumbo Richeterre
Quatre Bornes, Second floor, Orchard Centre-780 7782
Rose Hill, Magic Lantern, Rose Hill-454 9474
Flacq , Ground floor VIP, centre Flacq-251 4058


Live Shop, Ground floor, Sunsheel centre Curepipe-946 9755
Jet D'eau-Galerie Evershine, Rose Hill-454 9474
Up Trend Concept, First floor Harbour Front, Port Louis 212 6699
Designer Trends, Mahebourgh-253 1000
Capitol, Rose Belle-957 0879
Elle Boutique, Rodrigues-755 0314
Mission "* dON't giVe thEM WhAt thEY ASk fOR, giVE thEM WhAt thEY nEVER dREAMt Of hAVINg..."

Orson Welles
Overview IV Pl@Y “Do it your way” !

IV PL@Y is a jeans-wear brand launched in 1994.The IV PL@Y brand is stimulated by vintage, ageless faded objects that have a story to tell; that have a soul. By contrast, the IV PL@Y brand also oozes of modernity in its stylistic approach, its handwriting, its choice of materials, finishes, washes and details. It is this seamless cocktail of sophisticated technology and old-fashioned handmade techniques that makes the IV PL@Y range unique. All that textured with a dose of humour and positive energy.

IV PL@Y has a very wide audience with sub-brands that cater for each segment. For the adults, IV PL@Y has developed two distinctive ranges with their own signature: Jeans Architecture and Uniforms both with an array of different accessories attached. For the toddlers and kids up to 14, Little Iv PLaY was created in 2010. And in the making, IV PLaY REbel will look after the defiant mood of teenagers. Each sub-brand can exist in a one stop IV PL@Y shop or in a store of its own.

Our household mantra, “Do it your way” is the guiding spirit of the IV Pl@Y world. It opens up the brand to adapt to each and everyone’s temperament. The idea is to create your own style by picking different items from each specific line and mixing them to your taste.

Total look or not, it’s up to you! Do it your way!
Web site http://iv-play.com

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