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About TheraPouch™ for low back pain, neck pain, hip pain , knee pain and more
"Therapouch relieves the ouch and stays in place so you don' have to.
Description The Therapouch ties anywhere, fits everyone, and lets you stay active while getting relief from back pain, neck pain, hip pain, and more..
Ice or heat, with Therapouch you get pain relief for your entire body and entire family.


The TheraPouch™ can be used for ice or heat therapy. Simply follow the directions on the gel pack for freezing or heating.

Using the TheraPouch™ is easy.

Simply insert the gel pack into the TheraPouch™ and tie the TheraPouch™ onto wherever you feel pain.

There is no limit to where it can be tied. Wear the TheraPouch™ during your activities so you don’t have to stop what you are doing to get relief. Wear it while driving, working, gardening, cooking, doing hobbies, and after sports. Anytime, anywhere, the more you use it, the better the results.

Instructions for using ice:
For best results, use ice for 15-20 minutes each hour. Never put ice directly on skin. Use ice for no more than 20 minutes at a time on any area. . (see when not to use ice).

4 Phases of ice:

Ice has an analgesic or numbing effect, but it takes 10 – 20 minutes and 4 phases to get there.
Phase 1: Cold
Phase 2: Burning
Phase 3: Aching and sometimes Painful cold
Phase 4: Numbing or analgesic
People often get to phase 2 (Burning) , get uncomfortable, and remove the ice before it has time to get to the analgesic phase 4. To get the real benefit of ice, you need to leave it on long enough to get to phase 4 and pain relief. Don’t use ice for more than 20 minutes on any area.

Getting the most out of your Therapouch

Any time you have pain, grab your TheraPouch™, tie it on, and get relief.
If you spend time in your car throughout the day wear the TheraPouch™ while driving. Just tie it on and you’re good to go. Take an ice filled cooler with you and put your gel pack in it after 20 minutes of use. Tie it on again in an hour.
Take your TheraPouch™ to work and use it frequently throughout the day
Any time you have a trauma, grab your TheraPouch™ and tie it on to reduce inflammation

Traumas come in various forms. It is a can be an obvious trauma like spraining an ankle or taking a fall. Trauma can come also come from less obvious sources like having dental work. Any time the body experiences a trauma, major or minor, inflammation is going to occur, so tie on your TheraPouch™ and get relief.

Wear your TheraPouch™ while working around the house, in the yard, while gardening, or working on hobbies. Just tie it on and feel the relief.

One patient stepped on a bee and got stung while gardening. She removed the stinger, tied on the TheraPouch™ and got relief without interfering with her activities.
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Ice should not be used in the following circumstances:
Circulatory problems
Raynaud’s Disease
Severe Cardiac problems
Hypersensitivity to cold
Varicose veins

This list is not complete so if there is any question regarding the safe use of ice, please consult your health care provider.
Mission Helping people get pain relief by making it convenient to use ice or heat without interfering with their activities.
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