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About Peugeot Club Malaysia is a community for all Malaysian Peugeot owners. If you own a Peugeot, you are welcomed to join the community and share your experience with us.
Description PCM Constitution:

The Club Administrator and Committee is empowered to reject or amend or modify the Vendor’s advertisement as it deemed fit and the decision is deemed final.

No advertisements relating to the sale of any products or services are allowed in the Club Facebook page without approval from the board of Committee at all time.

Any posts misleading to other group/Page out from PCM sub-group list will be consider spam.
Non authorized advertiser and spammer(s) will be removed from PCM FB group page without notice or prejudice.

Executive Committee of PCM 2014/2015

President : Mubashar Aftab
Vice President: Eugyn Booi
Secretary: Robin Yan
Vice Secretary: Justin Wong
Treasurer: Jack Thum
Mustaqim Zahari
Allan Hviid Jessen
Barry Lim

Membership benefits:
First time registration (RM50) + 2 years membership fee (RM120) = RM170.
1. Free Club T-Shirt (1 pcs)
2. Free Car Road Tax sticker (1 pcs)
3. Entitled for subsidy if you join any activities organize by the club* (i.e; Annual Trip, Buka puasa event and etc)
4. Purchase car rear windscreen sticker and subsequent club t-shirt with discounted price for members only.
5. Gaining new info and knowledge from the rest of the members on how to maintain your lovely pugs.
6. Additional discount given for members if you purchase parts from Clayton Auto Parts**

* Subsidy amount are subject to approval by the Club EXCO.
** Additional discount are subject to approval by Clayton Auto Parts.

Peugeot Club Malaysia Maybank account no: 514301320153.
Then email your payment detail to for acknowledgment together with:
1) Your name
2) Pug Model
3) Car Registration number
4) Amount
5) Paid Date
6) Remarks : PCM registration fees.
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