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About With ASEAN 2015 at hand, our goal is to pass on comprehension and understanding into the leaders of tomorrow’s future through the use of modern technology and strategic teaching methods.
Description Siam University is one of Thailand’s oldest and leading private universities located in South-West Bangkok approximately 6 kilometers from the main financial district of Thailand. This 20-building cosmopolitan campus features unparalleled academic and social facilities designed specifically to cater the modern needs of student life and education.
Mission As a notable learning organization, Siam University is focused on highly regarded education for its students and faculty, with a prominent emphasis on cutting-edge technology and research, a professional attitude, and superior performance in accordance with the requirements of the modern world of work in today’s innovation of globalization and within the ASEAN community. In such operations, Siam University also promotes Asian wisdom and culture in collaboration with a vast social network and various work sectors which are closely related.
To endow a clear understanding and acceptance of the broad working environment and provide a definitive grounding of responsibility in the idea of a variety of cultures, ethics, and learning skills that are everlasting.
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