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About Sei Fong is a fashion brand inspired by the concept of Social Enterprise and supported by local production units.
Description /1/ What is SEI FONG?
SEI FONG is a fashion brand aiming to create a sustainable employment environment in the local clothing industry by adding values to the local produced clothing through design and branding.

All our clothing is manufactured in Hong Kong, in facilities where we spend time to know how the workers are treated.

The idea of SEI FONG was inspired by the concept of social enterprise. So we consider the achievement of community economic outcomes as important as earning revenues. That is why we use local production even though the cost is higher than outsourcing production.

/2/ How does SEI FONG come out?
Hong Kong was a major garment manufacturing and export city during 80’s which however shrank due to the economic restructuring in the late 90’s.
This shrinkage of the industry led to the unemployment in the clothing industry.
However, we think this underserved work force is a treasure.

That is the reason why SEI FONG was established as a brand builder working with the local production units, aiming to promote the purchase of local-made clothing and creating a sustainable employment environment in the local clothing industry.

“四方”希望透過設計及品牌建立, 為本地製造的成衣增值, 從而在這行業中製造一個可持續的就業環境。


“四方”的運作理念源自於社會企業。我們在賺取利潤的同時, 會考慮如何促進社區經濟,因此, 縱使本地生產成本遠比外地製造的昂貴, 我們依然堅持在本地生產製作。

香港在80年代曾經是世界上主要的成衣製造及出口港。但到了90年度末, 由於經濟轉型, 成衣出口業遂漸漸萎縮, 更使製衣業出現失業潮。然而, 我們認為這樣的待業勞動人口是一大資源。

“四方”作為一個服裝品牌, 除了和本地製造商合作, 更向公眾推廣本土製的服裝消費, 為業界創造可持續發展的就業環境。

您在 “四方” 的每一分消費, 都是推動本土製衣社企的力量!

/3/ Meaning of SEI FONG

SEI FONG means “Square” in Cantonese.

SEI FONG (Square), geometrically a shape with 4 equal sides and 4 equal angles, means the fairness in trading.
SEI FONG (Square) is a platform.
SEI FONG (Square) literally means “people from all walks of life”.
SEI FONG (Square) is a Cantonese Pinyin that shows we are origin from Hong Kong.

SEI FONG is a platform where producers, designers and consumers share favorable profits.

SEI FONG 是粵語 “四方”的拼音

以粵語拼音“sei3 fong1”表示我們是源於香港。


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