Murray County Historical Museum

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About The history of Murray County is on display in the Murray County Historical Museum with its exhibits, programs and objects, archival, microfilm, and photographic collections. We have a Reference Library and Family History Section too.
Description The Murray County Historical Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the collection, preservation, interpretation, and dissemination of the county's history.

The society was established in 1934 and operates the Murray County Historical Museum in cooperation with the Murray County Board of Commissioners. The Wornson Log Cabin, Koch Cabin at Lake Shetek State Park, the Country School No. 1 at End-O-Line Railroad Park, and the Dinehart-Holt House were restored by the society.

The Historical Society is an important but often overlooked part of the county. It collects and maintains the material history of the county for the benefit of its residents and visitors. Vital records and historical objects that define the nature of Murray County can be found in the museums collections.

The Murray County Historical Society is funded by support from its members, donations from museum visitors, contributions from the city of Slayton and local groups, and the support of the Murray County Board of Commissioners.

2013 Historical Society Board Members: Christy Riley, Wanda Daniels, Linda Wing, Chris Hansen, Luann Parker, Donald Erickson, Margaret Kluis, Brian Harmsen and Dorothy Bloemendaal Murray County Museum Director: Diane Clercx

We are always looking for new members for the Murray County Historical Society, if interested please contact the Murray County Museum, P.O. Box 61, Slayton, MN 56172, phone # 507-836-6533. Membership is a bargain at $10 per person for a year or a lifetime membership for $125. Being a member entitles you to free museum admission, free in-house assisted research, discount on photocopies and a free seasonal newsletter.
Mission Working to preserve our past for future generations......
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