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About I view the art of photography as a subtractive process, a distillation of reality into a personal vision. Thus, I use the tools of digital photography to try to capture in an image the emotions I felt at the moment.
Description "When I photograph, I am free, I am the land, the river, and the tree. I am the frame and the art is inside me."- Yousef Khanfar

I started photography in my early college years when photography still uses film. Due to the expensive cost of film and other materials I was not able to pursue my likes in photography. But it didn't stop me to have passion with the pictures and the art of photography. I usually attend photo exhibits, read magazines and view pictures in the net.

Long time before I always love to take pictures of people. I was always behind the camera rather included in the picture. Stolen shots entice me where you can capture the realistic emotion of people.

I thought being a photographer will just only a frustration. Thanks to a friend who have introduce me to ISO, an organization based in Saudi Arabia consist of Professional and Talented Photographers. With their help I was able to unleash the passion of photography within me.

I would like to concentrate in People Portraiture, Child Portraiture and Fashion Portraiture. Someday I dream of having my very own photo studio.

Join me in my page as I share with you my works, tips, quotes, articles about photography.

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