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About Happy Training Consultant in Malaysia
“Giving Happiness”
Description In this modern age, with the ever increasing competition from the borderless world of today, corporate and company have to be competitive and remain ahead. Company decision makers have to be alert and prompt in making important decision. Thus, investment in the human capital development is crucial for the company to sustain and grow its economic success without being overly dependent on others.

Training programs are required to allow one to keep abreast with current work practices. Very often, what is learnt at educational establishments are highly academic and may not be applied in the work place.

To counter this, the latest technology of NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnotherapy and Psychology that we have today allows corporate to shape the employees with the right mindset to increase the productivity of the employees.

With this in mind, Yen Universe Consultancy aims to cater for the corporate world and public at all levels, especially business owners, entrepreneurs, MD, CEO, COO, management staffs, sales executive, dreamers and students whom wanting to enhance their mind power, EQ, communication skills, selling skills, presentation skills to be better prepared for this competitive business world and work force. Armed with the knowledge and skills gained from our courses, participants can expect to tackle most of their challenge with a higher level of confidence and awareness to take them to greater heights. For many critical processes, good training is essential to performance.
Mission Giving Happiness.
Overview Yen Universe Consultancy was established since 2010.

We are Giving Happiness by conducting Happy Management, Hypnoyoga Retreat and Customized In House Training. Our trainings are recognized by HRDF/PSMB. We have registered with Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Ministry of Human Resources as Training Provider.
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