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About Zannetti - Luxury goods, Watches & Jewellery Manufacture, Cuffilinks
Description We can see the love for glamour in all its forms and materials. That’s the sensation you get to feel, when entering the magical world of Zannetti.

We had to differ ourselves by creating a new watch, where the shapes look as if they would materialize themselves into a functional article, and where the originality isn’t left to itself anymore. That’s when we realized to have discovered a new esthetic dimension: we are talking about the philosophy of Zannetti, one of a few independent watch-makers left, still working in the business.
Mission Nothing comes of nothing, or by mere chance. All great creations take time, patience, knowledge, concentration, experience but above all, lots of hard work. It is only in this way are we able to transfer our ideas, firstly onto paper and then into practice in our watches...
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