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About Spafford & Lincoln is a management consulting firm that specializes in strategic planning and project, program & portfolio management.
Description Here at S&L, we focus on identifying our clients most critical challenges and opportunities in multimedia marketing, outreach capacity and organizational growth - to develop a highly customized strategic plan, incorporating the best practices across multiple industries to deliver superior results.
Mission The mission of S&L is to advocate for the mutual goals of both our clients and the community at large by implementing goal driven strategies - grounded upon our vision of promoting community service and philanthropy. S&L's mission is to ensure that every client we serve incorporates a philanthropic clause in their core business/campaign plan.
Overview Our solutions are effective - identifying new partners & stakeholders, brokering synergistic goals, and implementing/managing metric-driven programs. We are committed to serving our clients - business, political, government and community organizations, by incorporating the "best practices" from multiple industries, forming sustainable partnerships and delivering superior results. S&L aims to provide innovative solutions to all of our clients while serving the community via advocacy.

Our definition of community advocacy is the pursuit of promoting collective growth within the community rather than individualistic growth. By identifying the challenges and solutions of not just our clients, but their partners, stakeholders and the community at large, S&L believes that we can better 1) Educate the community in regards to the available resources and opportunities from our collaborative efforts 2) Serve our clients by developing stronger partnerships between our clients and stakeholders 3) Promote the culture of collaboration, and accountability amongst our business, faith-based and political partners within the community.
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