San Marcos Brown Berets

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About New Generation Brown Berets. Empowering our community as mediators, orators and first responders.
Description The BROWN BERET enhances morale. It maintains the distinctiveness of the organization and reflects the legacy of our Veterans, Mentors and Soldiers of the Chicano Nation, Aztlan. High standards maintaining a distinctive beret exemplifies the unique skills and special capabilities required to be a Brown Beret. Those qualities are commitment, dedication, physical and mental toughness and the willingness to Lead the Way anywhere, anytime. The beret has become our most visible symbol.
The BROWN BERET is about our excellence, our unity as a force and our values as an organization.
Respect and Discipline are very important for a group, organization or family to survive. A house divided cannot stand.
There is no room for egos en Carnalismo. You must be on your toes. In house feuding is dangerous. It must be handled immediatelty and with care. Cuidado Carnal/Carnala porque como el cancer, esto tambien se desparrama.
YOUR PRESENCE IS SEEN AND YOUR PRIDE IS FELT. Watch yourself. Protect each other. Respect and Love one another in La Onda De Carnalismo.

BROWN BERET MOTTO: To Serve, To Protect, To Defend.

Mission A commitment to developing competent and compassionate, courageous leaders who can inspire and motivate, develop and lead and conduct the BROWN BERET PLEDGE en el espiritu de CARNALISMO por la causa.
Phone (512) 673-0935

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