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About This is the official Facebook page for
"Building Better Firefighters and Leaders" is our mission.
Description is for those firefighters who realize that we need to continually learn and take our skills to the next level.

It’s for those who pursue excellence and train regularly to be ready
when called upon.

Its for those who want to share with and learn from
fellow Firefighters with ideas, distinctions they learned, improved practices and learned strategies for the always changing skill of firefighting.

The opinions expressed on this site are those of the authors, and are in no way affiliated with any particular department or company.

Everyone is encouraged to freely express their own opinion; however, the intent is for learning and improvement.

We will delete any non-constructive feedback or comments and ban those who violate our terms and those of Facebook.

Please note that we assume no responsibility for any opinions or comments posted.

We are firefighters and not full-time web people. Our Mission is to Build Better Firefighters. All post and informations provided is for informational purposes only.

Please make it a practice to give contructive feedback and POB's ( Pat on the Back).

Also, keep your eyes aware while you are on the job and bring us photos & videos of things we all can learn from.

Be Safe, Be Ready! Team
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