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About Saving Spot! Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and placement dogs in their forever home.
Description All Saving SPOT! dogs are cared for and sheltered by the entire SPOT! team. With professional grooming, good health and nutrition, exercise, socialization, training, veterinary care, and good old fashioned TLC each SPOT! rescue dog is treated as one of our own. We work closely with our veterinary partners, trainers, healers and volunteers to assure all our dogs health and emotional needs are met.

Each SPOT! rescue dog is given a full physical examination by our veterinarians Dr. Peter Erling and Dr. Michelle Lorenzen. Our dogs are fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered (as age appropriate), microchipped, given 14 days of antibiotics, treated for worms and fleas, tested for parvo and giardia and given a complete physical exam.

Every SPOT! rescue is given a full grooming by our in house award winning groomer Jennifer Guidone.

Each family that wants to adopt a SPOT! rescue is fully vetted and approved by the rescue organizers. Because we feel that each and every one of our dogs is an individual we require that an application be filled out for the specific dog that you or your family connect with. Although our dogs can be seen on facebook we want your entire family to meet the dog and be a part of the adoption process. Once an application is submitted on a dog it is reviewed and the prospective family is interviewed by someone on the Saving SPOT! team. If the application is approved we let the new parents know as soon as possible. Because we interact with the rescues daily and they live with us we feel we know them very well and are able to assess in what environment they will thrive. We are truly looking for the best possible home for each and every one of our rescue dogs.

Once an application is approved, the new parent/ family comes to the store to sign a contract promising to provide and care for their newly adopted family member. They receive a complete packet with everything they need to know about their new pet and numerous other related resources. At SPOT! pet boutique we have everything you could possibly need for your new baby and hope that you will purchase those items from SPOT! because every dollar spent at SPOT! contributes to our rescue efforts.
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