Almost Home: A Short Memoir About Long- Lasting Memories

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About A memoir of love, nostalgia, dreams, war and hopes. Written by Producer Ninar Keyrouz. Available now on Amazon.
Description Almost Home is about a young woman's journey between two countries she loves.Between family and career, mind and heart, she is feeling like an alien in her own society. Still she is looking to find love,happiness and success in a world of chaos, wherever she might feel home.

Chapter 1: My American Dream...Literally!
Chapter 2: January 2, 2004: A One-Way Ticket to a Permanent Change in My Life
Chapter 3: West Beirut-East Beirut
Chapter 4: A Valentine's Day Like No Other
Chapter 5: From the Screenplay
Chapter 6: American/Lebanese Love
Chapter 7: Dating 101: Sleeping together First
Chapter 8: The Land That Invented the Alphabet
Chapter 9: To My Father
Chapter 10: Oscar, My Love
Chapter 11: My Dreams Died Yesterday
Chapter 12: The Power of Reality and Dreams
Chapter 13: Goodbye Happened
Chapter 14: Almost Home

About the Author
Ninar has over 10 years of experience in Broadcast Media, Advertising and Media Consultancy as a Supervising Producer and Director.
She holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts (Ra/TV & Film) from the Lebanese American University and a Producer's Diploma from the Hollywood Film Institute in New York, USA.
The Hollywood Film Institute Producer and Director Diploma that she studied is the only program that Quentin Tarentino ever studied.
Ninar Interviewed three times Emmy Award winner Tony Shalhoub and two times Golden Globe Winner Omar Sherif among other stars she'd met in film festivals she worked on.
She has in store one screenplay and is currently writing a new one, in addition to many ideas for TV and Web TV which she is working on independently.

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