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Description Pleven is the seventh most populous city in Bulgaria. Located in the northern part of the country, it is the administrative centre of Pleven Province, as well as of the subordinate Pleven municipality.Internationally known for the Siege of Plevna of 1877, it is today a major economic centre of the Bulgarian Northwest and Central North and the third largest city of Northern Bulgaria after Varna and Rousse.GeographyPleven is located in an agricultural region in the very heart of the Danubian Plain, the historical region of Moesia, surrounded by low limestone hills, the Pleven Heights. The city's central location in Northern Bulgaria defines its importance as a big administrative, economic, political, cultural and transport centre. Pleven is located away from the capital city of Sofia, west of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and 50 km (31 miles) south of the Danube.The river Vit flows near the town and the tiny Tuchenitsa river (commonly known in Pleven as Barata, literally "The Streamlet") crosses it.ClimateThe climate is temperate continental. The are winters cold with much snow, sometimes with temperatures below. Springs are warm with temperatures around −20 °C (−4 °F). The summers are very hot, temperatures can even reach. The average annual temperature is.
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