Jahangirnagar University Ex Student Union in Europe

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About Jahangirnagar Ex Student Union in Europe
Description Jahangirnagar University Ex-Student Union in Europe
The association has been created in 2006 by the Jahangirnagar University ex-students living in Austria. Most of the ex-students currently hold good positions in private, government, university and United Nations organizations in Austria. The association maintains a closely relationship with the ex-students and their families in order to retain Bangladeshi culture among the next generation. It also commits to establish a close contact with the University and to contribute financially in the University's educational activities.

The prime aims of the association are to promote friendly co-operation among ex-students & their families, establish Bangladeshi culture among the next generation and also to participate financially in the University’s educational activities.
Association Members
1. Dr. Kazi Fariduddin Ahmed, Physics, Batch # 3
2. Abid Hossain Khan Tapan, Economics, Batch # 8
3. Nasrin Sultana Naheed, Economics, Batch # 8
4. Mahbub ul Alam, Statistics, Batch # 11
5. Mohammed Zahir Uddin, Economics, Batch # 14
6. Mahmud Razzaque Tuli, Statistics, Batch # 15
7. Dr. Mazibur Rahman, Physics, Batch # 15
8. Mahbuba Moula Khanum, Physics, Batch # 16
9. Safina Mannan Binu, Archaeology, Batch # 21

Membership Application
All JU ex-students currently living in Europe are encouraged to join in the association. Monthly fee is 5 euro which would be used exclusively for JUEXSAE scholarship. Application form with related information, as needed, can be received upon request through email (juexsae@yahoo.com).
Phone 00436509555500
Web site http://www.juexsae.blogspot.co.at/

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