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About Alternative Healing, Isis Lotus Healing Classes, Angel Miracles Classes, Feng Shui and BaZi services offered by Sri Mulyadi.
Description Isis Lotus Healing: This system of Spiritual Energy Healing is based on Ancient Egyptian Healing methods and is an Alchemical Healing System and Goddess Energy Medicine. Isis is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Magic, Healing and Spiritual Science. As well Elisabeth Jensen, the founder of Isis Lotus Healing, has incorporated much of her past research into Energy Medicine and Healing into this course to ensure it’s a safe and effective healing system for all. Elisabeth comes from a background as a Registered Nurse and has studied and taught a number of Healing modalities and is great demand for her healing skills worldwide.

Angel Miracles: Learn to see, touch, talk, create miracles and heal with angels. Learn to experience the angelic realms.

Isis Lotus Divination: Isis Card and Past Life Readings helps us gain a deeper insight into our life situation by connecting all the Ancient Egyptian Divinities and receiving their messages using specially designed Isis Lotus Oracle Cards.

Chinese Astrology / Ba Zi / Pillars of Destiny: This anicent Chinese wisdom helps us discern what fate has bestowed upon us in terms of Fu, 福 (fortune); Lu, 禄 (affluence); Shou, 寿 (longevity); Xi, 喜 (happiness); and Cai, 财 (wealth). With this knowledge, we can create greater life opportunities, gain deeper insights on our problems, create opportunities at the right time and avoid the threats that comes our way in the years ahead.
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