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About www.Elixator.us The Elixator is a revolutionary new skincare method that attaches to your shower and moisturizes your skin in minutes.
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The Elixator is a revolutionary moisturizing device that easily attaches to your shower. When used with the Elixator Shower Oils you experience a whole new way to soften your skin in minutes.

Here’s how it works…

Simply stated, the Elixator does something remarkable. . . something up to now unachievable. . . It uniformly mixes oil and water. This homogeneous blend of oil and water is called an emulsion and is the world’s first pure emulsion, being composed only of pure, organic and essential oils and water.

Utilizing this revolutionary technology, the Elixator transforms your shower into an exhilarating beauty rain, moisturizing from head to toe with pure, natural skincare emulsions. The emulsions created by the Elixator penetrate deeply into your skin where dryness starts, without leaving any oily residue.

This perfect blend of oil and water is the world’s most effective, non-toxic way to moisturize your skin. Since the Elixator perfectly blends your emulsions fresh for you in the shower, there’s no exposure to chemical emulsifiers, preservatives, and other additives, used by the cosmetic industry. This also makes the Elixator ideal for problem or sensitive skin.

Experience this totally new, and natural method to moisturize your skin.
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