Gaurav Cricket Academy

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About Welcome to the official Gaurav Cricket Academy(GCA) Facebook Page !
Description If playing Cricket is your passion, we’ll give you an opportunity to put it in action.
Mission To service and promote for the grass roots of cricket and to foster and grow cricket in our local community
To respect and foster the game of cricket
To be competitively successful
To identify and improve technical weakness of boys.
To raise tactical skill awareness among boys.
Create specific game plans and develop mental approach.
Reduce the risk of injury due to poor technique in the game.
To provide an environment for cricketers of all ages and ability to enjoy cricket
To provide an interactive environment for members
To identify talented players and develop their skills
To ensure high quality club facilities
Overview Gaurav Cricket Academy is the latest hub for all the die hard Cricket fans in Bangalore. Our academy is situated at Begihalli Village, Bannerghatta Road(Off Sarla Birla Academy). The ground could be hired for Corporate and college sports and cultural programmes. The premises could also be used for Cricket and Soccer practice. Cricket coaching classes for Under 14 and Under 19 category will soon commence. GCA will soon possess the facility to relay live international cricket matches.
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