Sunburst Hair Growth Nourishing Liquid

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About SUNBURST Plus Original
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Sunburst Hair Growth Liquid:

Amazing functions of Sunburst: Oil control, anti- alopecia, hair papilla activation.

1. Oil control: The new Sunburst can help your hair follicle grow new hair again, control your oil secretions to a normal value and balance DHT concentration, providing a positive environment for hair and also for hair growth lotion.

2. Anti- alopecia: Brand new formula can go deeply into the hair follicle to kill the mites and fungi on scalp. It can open the hair follicle, decompose the grease, dredge the follicle, activate the hair papilla and stop hair loss.

3. Hair papilla activation: It can control the grease by biological pulse and kill the fungi and mites by soft light wave. After that hair papilla would be activated in a positive environment.

Chinese herbal formulas: Rhizogenesis, maintain hair growth, cultivate hair papilla.
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