Kadalpur Sudharmananda VIHAR

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About Kadalpur Sudharmananda Buddhist Temple and Bangladesh Bhikkhu Training and Meditation Center( BBTMC).
Kadalpur, Roazan, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Description The age old, traditional ‘Kadalpur Sudharmananda Buddhist Temple and BBTMC. A vast flourishing Buddhist populated village ‘Kadalpur in the district of Chittagong situated in the region of charming natural beauty in the eastern part.

As time passed on by the donations of the local Buddhists and with the generous support and donations from the donors, this Buddhist monastery gradually acquired lands and later on the local Buddhist people, though they were financially handicapped, established Bhikkhu Training and Meditation Center and attached houses for the bhikkhus and sramans on its compound through relentless efforts and indomitable spirit with the active patronage and exhortation of the great Chief Abbots of the Buddhist Monastery. Gradually this Buddhist monastery has contributed a lot in building orphanage and destitute home, Friday morning dhamma school, high school, compassion Buddhist institute (CBI),Bangladesh and Buddhist library and also introduced various religious and cultural programs such as mass ordination and insight meditation practice, welcoming new Buddhist era on vesak day & Winter Season , publicity and publication etc. this institution has become a center of Buddhist culture and tradition and it has now been widely recognized as BBTMC complex at home and abroad. Since the BBTMC complex come into existence, it provides a variety of religious education and cultural activities for the Buddhist monks, novices, orphans and people aged 6 to above. It is also worth mentioning that this complex has been playing a vital role for the social upliftment and welfare of the people of the country as well as providing services for the promotion and propagation of Buddhism in various parts of Bangladesh.

The local Buddhist people despite their poor economic condition and without having any kind Govt. support, have been nurturing and giving food and other requisites to the Bhikkhus, Sramans and orphans numbering about 50 to 60 every year in order to create proper Dhammaduta, Vinay-abiding, dedicated, honest and promising Bhikkhus for the purification, perpetuation and welfare of Budda-sasana to retain its glorious past and tradition. A good number of Bhikkhus and Sramans after completion their training on Dhamma-Vinaya from BBTMC complex have engaged in preaching Dhamma to devotees in various parts of Bangladesh. Besides, about 20 monks and novices are receiving higher education on Buddhism and also engaged in meditation in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Hon Kong, India and Myanmar
Mission To propagate and spread Buddhism.
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