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About Team Beads of Courage: Give Hope. Honor Courage. CARRY a Bead. Join today and be a source of encouragement for a member of Beads of Courage and help advance the mission of Beads of Courage.
Description Anyone who joins Team Beads of Courage is asked to "Carry a Bead" to give Hope and Honor the Courage of Beads of Courage members worldwide. Team Beads of Courage Beads are given to members of Beads of Courage worldwide distributed randomly upon their return to the Beads of Courage headquarters. All Team Beads of Courage members and recipients of beads are encouraged to share their stories here....and to post photos of the very busy Courage Tiger in his walkabouts!
Mission Team Beads of Courage is a program of Beads of Courage created to enhance human connectedness using beads that become symbols of human kindness and encouragement.
Overview Team Beads of Courage is a program of Beads of Courage (a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization) that recruits caring individuals seeking to be a source of encouragement for children, teens, and adults coping with serious illness, their family, and the health care providers who care for them through an intentional act of kindness.
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