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About A safe alternative to scented candles. No more Flame, soot or smoke!!
Description Scentsy is a great alternative to scented candles!! Scentsy uses 25 watt bulbs to warm the scent out of the wax, it doesn't get any hotter than body temperature so its safe. No more soot, smoke, ugly blackened jars!! The wax only gets warm enough to release the scent and nothing else!! Scentsy started in 2004 when Orville and Heidi bought the company off two stay at home moms they seen at a trade show. They started in a container on a sheep farm hand pouring all the wax. Scentsy came to Canada in 2009 and has over 7000 consultants all over thee country.

I first discovered scentsy in April 2010, just after having my beautiful son. I fell in love!! The smells are AMAZING!! And the warmers are beautiful!! We made a decision that I was going to stay home and raise our son, but I wanted my own money, so February I signed up as a Scentsy consultant!! I love it!! I get to share something I love with everybody!!
Phone 403-862-2834
Web site www.tina.scentsy.ca

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